How to Boost School Breakfast – School Nutrition Professionals

Follow these steps to successfully implement and support boosting school breakfast:

WhitehallKammi and team prepPlanning


To assist you, resources developed by the Michigan consortia are a great place to start.  You are probably already a member of one of the following consortia – Great Lakes, MOR and SPARC.

Please keep in mind that these menus are a great place to start your certification process because many of the food products are readily available for purchase.  Because products change over time, SFAs will have to check the most current manufacturer labels to ensure crediting information.  Also, if you add other items, change items or portion sizes, or move items to different weeks, you will have to ensure your menu(s) meet the certification requirements for all age/grade groups.



Accountability in School Breakfast Service




  • Evaluate how your program did and share this with others.